SSSTS Refresher Training Course

This CITB SSSTS Refresher training course is intended to update all past participants in the course on all of the latest laws, regulations and methods regarding safety and health, so that they can maintain their qualifications. During this course, participants will learn all about the recent changes to health and safety and the impact that these changes have had on-site. After taking this qualification, supervisors will be able to know that their working methods still remain within the law.

Individuals wishing to renew their SSSTS certificate must provide a copy of the original 2 day course certificate. Details of the course venue and the date of the course should also be provided if you know this information. Only those individuals who have passed the two day course and provided evidence of this will be eligible to attend the refresher course.

What Will the SSSTS Refresher Training Cover?

This course will cover a number of important aspects, including:

  • Implementing the current health and safety legislations as a supervisor
  • What the responsibility of a supervisor is regarding health and safety
  • How to take care of daily work duties while creating a safe and healthy working environment

Who is the Course Designed For?

The SSSTS Refresher is designed for anyone in a supervisory role who already holds a CITB SSSTS two day qualification. This refresher course must be taken every five years, in order to keep health and safety training valid and updated.

A Highly Regarded Qualification

This course is accredited by CITB Construction Skills and it is a well-respected qualification in the field of health and safety. This qualification is MCB approved. It will be an excellent addition to any CV.

Course Duration

This course only takes one day. It is held at several convenient locations throughout the country at regular times during the year.

Exam and Assessment

When you have successfully completed the course, this will revalidate your CITB SSSTS certificate for five more years. If you wait until this qualification has expired, you will need to take the full two day course again to achieve the qualification.

Benefits of the Training

Employers will benefit from sending their supervisors on this training, as it will show that they are complying with health and safety regulations under law. This refresher course will prevent qualifications from expiring and becoming invalid.

Further Study

The next step in health and safety training is the five day SMSTS course. This is designed for project managers, site managers and anyone who holds a position of responsibility and must take charge of health and safety on site.